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Literary critic

Dr. Krishnahari Baral is a famous name in the field of Nepalese literary criticism. His journey of criticism began in 80's with the publication of his first critique "Rupmati Upanyas: Adhuniktako Prashna (Rupmati Novel: Matter of Modern times)". Now his theoretical as well as practical critique creations have spread to different genres like Novels, Poems, Songs, Ghazals, Essays etc. His works have been published in many books and articles.

Some of his critiques are focused entirely on the works of an individual, while others are detailed analysis of various subject matters and their historical account. Whereas "Geet Sidhdhanta Ra Itihas (Theory and History of Lyrics)", "Ghazal: Sidhdanta Ra Parampara (Ghazal: Theory and Chronicle)" and "Upanyas Sidhdhanta ra Nepali Upanyas (Novel theory and Nepali Novels)" contain theoretical stuff as well as the entire history of songs, ghazals and novels respectively, "Kabi Bhupi: Bishleshan ra Mulyankan (Poet Bhupi: Analysis and Evaluation)" is limited to thorough examination of works of poet Bhupi Sherchan. Besides, "Sandristi (Critique Collection)" and "Bastuparak Samalochana (Objective Critique)" are collections of many scattered analytical essays.

Baral's works expose his extensive knowledge of theories, literary devices and emerging experimental aspects of both, western and eastern literature. Depending upon the situation, his works are found to have formulated new theories also. His analysis technique is basically objective and he is of the school of thought that creations should not be examined from a single point of view only. Baral's works, packed with solid subject matter and decorated by crafty language, are valuable in the collection of Nepali Literary Criticism. Historically, among Nepali critiques, Baral's name comes after Motiram Bhatta, Suryabikram Gyawali, Ramkrishna Sharma, Dr. Taranath Sharma, Dr. Ishwor Baral, Dr. Basudev Tripathi, and Indra Bahadur Rai. Moti ram Bhatta, Surya bikram Gyawali, Ram krishna Sharma, Dr. Tara nath Sharma, Dr. Basu dev Tripathi, and Indrabahadur Rai

The views expressed by Dr. Taranath SharmaDr. Govindaraj BhattaraiDr. Himanshu ThapaDr. Durga Prasad Bhandari, and Prof. Mohanraj Sharma also prove the abilities of Dr. Baral as a critic. Dr. Govinda raj Bhattarai, Dr. Mohan Himanshu Thapa, Dr. D