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Dr. Krishnahari Baral is one of the most successful contemporary lyricists of Nepal. He has provided lyrics for popular songs to be used in movies, television serials, and commercials. Most of his songs however are ‘modern songs’, which is considered to be the ‘evergreen’ form of music. Until now, almost 300 of his lyrics have been recorded. His solo albums are eight and his other lyrics are featured by various established musicians and singers in their albums. On the other hand, his lyrics have also helped various artists to establish themselves and be very successful in the music field. Also, he has published two song collections books to the date, first of which is ‘Ek Phool, Anek Patra (Single Flower, Myriad Petals)’. The second collection book ‘Geetkar Krishnahari Baral; Srijana ra Samalochana (Lyricist Krishnahari Baral; Creation and Critique)’ contains his lyrics as well as their criticism by others.

His well formed lyrics invoke human emotions in the readers and the listeners, due to its numerous poetic qualities. Although he writes on many subjects, the contents of his songs can be primarily classified as patriotic, philosophical, love songs, and about nature.

The patriotic songs are usually about the geographical and historical contexts of Nepal as well as the bravery shown by Nepalese warriors and martyrs. They also contain the message that Nepalese should build their nation on their own.

In Baral's songs, we can find reflection of romanticism and existentialism in addition to the discussions of life and its mystery. His various songs have many qualities, such as materialistic love in surface and spiritual attachment in deeper sense. His songs represent more of the inner power of the god and less of the physical description.

In his love songs, description of beauty, happiness of being together, and grief of separation is available. He has been found to describe love as worship in some songs. In fact, love is a highway to reach to the Lord or the beloved ones. While reading some of his love songs, it is difficult to resolve whether he is referring to the Lord or the lovers. In his love songs, occasionally we can find traces of contemporary contexts and satire as well. He has in some places looked at love as a means to forget our daily scarcity. He has also offered a comparison between nature and love in some of his songs. His lyrics are usually about daily problems and happenings in life, to which his readers and listeners can relate to. Some of his lyrics due to the same reason have gained the grade of quotations as well.

Both subjective and objective description of nature and the personification of nature are found in his lyrics. In many songs, nature has been used as simile, metaphor and symbol. Using nature to describe persons, or using persons to describe nature is his favorite tool. The transition of seasons has been viewed as the ups and downs in life. Depending on the content of songs, both fierce and calm form of nature has been discussed in his lyrics, very much like Wordsworth.

Excessive use of feelings and fantasy in his lyrics makes them very original and superior. Usually, his lyrics contain natural emotions and expressions, catchy symbols and outstanding figurative language. Writing excellent lyrics in either prose or metrical verse is the quality of Dr. Baral.