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In addition to being a lyricist and a critic, Mr. Baral is involved in other fields too.  He has made an important contribution by writing many course books. Most of those books are co-written. Among them, "Bhasa Bigyan Ra Nepali Bhasa (Linguistics and Nepali Language)" is co-written with Prof. Mohanraj Sharma and remaining course books with Netra Atom.

He has published Nepali Grammar books for students from Grade 1 up to Grade 10. These consist of "Sachitra Bal Byakaran (Children's Grammar with Illustrations)" for grade 1-5, "Nimna Madhyamik Nepali Byakaran (Lower Secondary Nepali Grammar)" for grade 6, 7 & 8 and "Madhyamik Nepali Byakaran (Secondary Nepali Grammar)" for grade 9 & 10. He has also published "Anibarya Nepali Byakaran, Abhibyakti ra Abhyas (Compulsory Nepali Grammar, Expression and Exercise)" for I.A., +2 & B.A. and "Sadharan Nepali (Simple Nepali)" for B.Ed. He has provided foreword in many books of many writers too.